15 July, 2019

Switch to iManage Records Manager

I help with a lot of system migrations, moving clients from old data management programs into iManage Records Manager (IRM). Lately, I’ve noticed the importance of […]
4 June, 2019

6 Common Records Management Challenges

Earlier this month, I presented at iManage Connect Live in New York City. I was invited to co-present with Ian Raine, the product manager for the […]
29 May, 2019

Getting Support to Use Less Paper

If you have been following along with my posts this month, you understand the value of reducing paper in records systems and what it will look […]
23 May, 2019

What Does Using Less Paper Look Like?

In my last post, I discussed how switching to an electronic records system can save your firm thousands of dollars. Now you might be wondering, what […]
20 May, 2019

The Value of Using Less Paper

Have you ever considered the value of using less paper in your business? It’s probably a lot bigger than you think. There are many hard costs […]
1 May, 2019

Elements of a Good Records Management Policy

Having a documented records management policy is essential. This way, the expectations for each person in your organization are clear, and if you are ever subject […]
18 April, 2019

How to Establish a Records Management Program

If you don’t have a documented records management program in place for your organization, you should make establishing one a priority. A good records management program […]
9 April, 2019

A Fun Client Challenge

Last week I was helping a customer migrate her organization from Autonomy Records Manager, also known as FileSurf, to iManage Records Manager (IRM). We had finished […]
4 April, 2019

iManage ConnectLive 2019

I am so excited for iManage Connect Live 2019! I booked my tickets for the event last week. It is the annual user conference for all […]
25 March, 2019

3 Tips for Setting Records Retention Rules in IRM

Retention rules tell you how long you need to keep your business documents or records per your organization’s policies or laws within your industry. Maybe you […]


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