Slide We have been in the industry for over 20 years, which means that we know what records management is all about. We hope these resources can help you become more efficient!


This webinar is a great opportunity for anyone interested in taking your search strategy to the next level with iManage Records Manager. The presenter will cover what projects look like, how to set up your first project, as well as top tips about getting started on an effective search strategy!

IRM Tip Series

InfoCompass created a video series to provide tips on how to leverage iManage's many functions to maximize your efficiency. We teach you how to use the XML Export, add Additional Columns to Display Metadata information, and Locked Fields for Faster Data Entry in a Cleaner Spreadsheet. In addition, they have videos explaining How To Use TextExpander For 10X Your Email Efficiency, Writing Letters And Messages With Copy and Paste Functions, and more!


Be ready for anything, InfoCompass is your go-to destination to keep up with all the latest and greatest news about iManage. Whether it's software updates or new protocols, you'll find plenty of info here!





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    We’ve compiled some frequently asked questions to help you better understand iManage, records management, and how it can give your law firm an edge.


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