Slide Our consulting services provide the experience, knowledge and best practices to help you improve your record management needs.

Business Information Strategy Session

We would like to meet with your team and work together to map out an action plan based on each records retention challenge for your organization's success.

Technology Evaluation and Deployment

Our team of experts can help you figure out the right solution to meet your organization's specific requirements by assessing your current records management system and needs.

Records Management Program Development

You're in good hands with our Records Management Program Development. We'll help you document your records management policies and procedures to get everyone on the same page!

Electronic Records

We specialize in helping businesses through the tricky task of managing their digital archives more effectively, such as providing strategies that keep all your work organized across multiple platforms or assisting during disaster recovery procedures after a crash when certain documents are lost.

File Plan/Taxonomy Creation

Make your filing system more efficient and worry-free with our quick, easy solutions. Our experts will walk you through creating an IRM file plan that can help optimize electronic or paper filing systems tailored to fit your needs!

Retention Rules

We help you determine how long your company should keep its business-related data by giving recommendations on the length of time that is appropriate based on different types and categories of content stored electronically and non-electronic records typically found within an organization’s safekeeping system.

Paper Records Management

We can help you efficiently organize your paper records so that they are easy to find when needed and not taking up space on shelves or desks.

Central File Management

It can be challenging to manage records. Finding the most appropriate file system for your needs to ensure that everything is organized correctly is a daunting task when you have multiple businesses or departments within one office. That's why we're here to help you create a centralized filing system.


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