The IRM Records Manager Experts

We are experts in migrating from legacy records management software platforms such as (LegalKey, Autonomy Records Manager, Elite, Accutrac and more) to IRM. Trust us to migrate your data the right way. We have both the technical expertise and the records management business expertise to ensure your data is correctly migrated into IRM.

Looking to Move from LegalKey to iManage Records Manager?

If you’re looking to move from LegalKey to IRM, then you may want to check out Nitza Medina-Garcia’s latest blog first before making the move.

Making it easy for professionals

to manage their documents, emails and paper files

Business information strategy session: let us help you identify and prioritize your information challenges

Retention rules: let us help you determine how long to keep your business information

Paper records management: we can help you tame your piles of paper

Electronic records management: we can give you strategies to be better organized across all of your devices

iManage Records Manager Expert: the nation’s top iManage Records Manager software implementation and training team