10 April, 2020

IRM Retention Policy Basics Training

In this IRM Retention Policy Basics Training class, there will be a one-hour virtual training where I will go over how you create what they call a Retention Schedule in IRM and how to create Retention Events that go into that schedule.
26 March, 2020

Custom Software Training

One service I provide is custom training on a software called iManage Records Manager (IRM).
10 March, 2020

iManage Records Manager Cloud Service Alert

For iManage Records Manager Cloud customers, please be advised iManage will no longer support connections from desktop clients and applications that are configured to use the […]
12 February, 2020

IRM Tip of the Day – List of Files in a Box

Several of my clients have asked me about how to create a list of file parts associated with a box. Although you can get this information […]
3 October, 2019

IRM Version 10.1

iManage has been hinting at the release of version 10.1 for a while now. We expect to see it at the end of this year or […]
25 September, 2019

What’s new with IRM 10.0

iManage Records Manager has seen some significant functionality improvements this year. The focus of the first round of updates was mainly on the end-user Web Client […]
27 August, 2019

iManage Connect Live Presentation

Back in May, I gave a presentation at iManage Connect Live in New York City. iManage Connect Live is a conference where the software users and […]
21 August, 2019

A Retention Schedule Example

Last week we went over how to build a retention schedule and some things that law firms should consider in doing so. This week I want […]
13 August, 2019

Law Firms – How to Create a Records Retention Schedule

A records retention schedule determines how long your firm keeps its files. It is crucial to establish a proper retention schedule, and adhere to it so […]
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