The Waterfall Method of Date Migration

The Waterfall Method of Data Migration

Data migrations typically come about when a firm implements new software. For example, every time I help a firm move from their old system to iManage Records Manager (IRM), we perform a data migration. At InfoCompass Business Solutions, we use the Waterfall method of data Migration.

The Waterfall Method

These implementations are linear. They go from one phase to the next until the project is complete. They start with a project kickoff to get everyone on the same page. From there, I interview the business users to learn how they use the information involved in the software implementation, where it is stored, and who has access to it. I use this information to create a software design.

If new software is being implemented, I may customize the system, so it uses the same language as your business users and is unique to your organization. Once that is done, I migrate your data, moving it from the old system into IRM.

Next, business users can start data validation testing. During the testing phase, users should test how the software works and perform sanity checks to ensure the data came over correctly. Issues should be documented so I can go through the list and make sure each one is resolved.

The final step before launch is training. I’ll help ensure your users know how to operate the system and understand how to manage and store records within it. Finally, we go live with the new system that has all your beautiful data neatly organized and ready for use.

That’s the ideal project steps, but it doesn’t always happen that way. Sometimes unexpected obstacles create extra steps and delays, so be prepared for that possibility.

If you are looking to move your firm into a better records management software, let me show you the capabilities of iManage Records Manager. Schedule a meeting with me here.

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