Jason Landers | Chief Information Officer
February 2, 2022


What was it like before you had our services?

We were utilizing a records management system that was not as agile and adaptable as we needed in order to operate at the level our attorneys and clients expect. We hired InfoCompass to help us roll out a new system and advise us throughout the process.

Where did you start looking for InfoCompass or any other company you were researching?

Our records manager heard a lot of excellent feedback about Nitza and InfoCompass through word of mouth. We solicited bids from other contractors for the job. However, looking at all of the proposals, it was clear that no one had thought through the concept as thoroughly as Nitza had.

What was it about our services that made them stand out?

Hands down, Project management. InfoCompass was extremely thorough in planning the project and each phase needed to get the job done. Throughout the project Nitza kept communication lines open and ensured we stayed on track. The InfoCompass team also had a deep well of knowledge of the product and the fundamental systems that govern records management. It was obvious throughout the project that we were benefiting from combined decades worth of experience on how to do this correctly.

What has exceeded your expectations since working with us?

I was surprised that they were able to move and conceptualize our old system as well as they did. InfoCompass had the ability to grasp any technology we were working with in a short period of time and the design advice from them was amazing. They could have said sure, it’s up to you guys at so many times, but Nitza, in particular, would sit down and walk us through things she had seen in the past and believed would work best based on what she had observed with us. She was well-advised.

What would you tell someone who's considering our business?

Do it! It's such a unique product line and understanding for everyone involved in this procedure that you'll require an expert. You need somebody that knows this vertically who doesn’t have forty different product offerings and is the expert in the subject matter. I would say that you have found an expert on the subject, and you should make use of it because that is extremely difficult to come by. It’s just not a product line that’s widely used. You’ve located a specialist. The only thing I’d add is that if you’re getting numerous bids for the job, make sure you look over the line items carefully. That’s what convinced us to proceed with InfoCompass – Nitza is the only one who had thoroughly considered all that was required from start to finish. I would also advise anyone considering this product to pay close attention to the training aspects. That information is both tedious and crucial. No other vendor provided a more detailed plan for how to teach the product, how to train the administrators, and how much time and effort would be required to create the front end.

Was there anything we could have done differently?

No, not at all. No. That's exactly how it's done. As with almost every project, we had outside forces and competing priorities in the middle of the project that slowed things down a little. Nitza gave us a minute to gather our breath before ramping up the intensity until we finished. That, without a doubt, is how you do it.

Would you refer InfoCompass to other clients?

Yes, absolutely!

What would you say about InfoCompass to others?

It'll make you resent working with your other vendors. This is the kind of thing you hear about and read about but seeing it in action really opens your eyes. This is quite simply best in Class! I didn't feel like I was paying the correct price. Because of the level of detail and attention she was going to give it, I would have expected Nitza's price to be far greater than the others. If I were giving advice to someone who was just getting started, I would recommend they pay close attention to Nitza's design process and think it through thoroughly. Set up a touch point with Nitza and she will walk you through it if you don't understand something.

Would you be willing to serve as a reference for us?

Sure, yes, absolutely!

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