Looking to Move from LegalKey to iManage Records Manager?

If you are looking to move from LegalKey to iManage Records Manager, you will want to evaluate the following key areas.

1. What does LegalKey do currently at the firm?

     LegalKey may be performing more than the records management function at your firm. It may be more than creating files and boxes. Are users tracking critical dates, creating pleading indexes or more? Be sure to understand all the ways your firm users are currently interacting with LegalKey.

2. Are you using LegalKey for electronic records management?

     If so, you will need to consider a migration of the electronic records into iManage Work as a part of decommissioning LegalKey. Are these records duplicates of records stored in iManage Work or another system? How will these documents be migrated into iManage Work? In one “Legacy” folder or do they need to be mapped to a new folder structure? What about the metadata associated with the electronic documents and folders? Where should that be stored? The answer will depend on the amount of time and resources you can dedicate to this migration.

3. Identify the key information to move from LegalKey to iManage Records Manager.

     It is important to work with a certified records manager consultant who can guide you to the best way to move your data and processes to iManage Records Manager without leaving critical data behind. Once the data is in iManage Records Manager it is also critical to confirm the data migrated as expected. You do not want missing data stopping you from decommissioning LegalKey and the old server where it lives.

4. Invest time in testing your new iManage Records Manager.

     Perform the records management processes you require in iManage Records Manager. Do you have all the adjustments you need on forms and reports? If there is a gap, work with an experienced consultant that can show you how to make the right configuration changes to meet your firm’s needs.

5. Invest in training for your records staff.

     It is important to invest in training for your records staff. You do not want to spend money moving your staff to a new system only to cause frustration because they cannot perform their tasks. Or, maybe they can, but it is taking them 10 times as long. Work with a certified records manager who can train your records staff on how to efficiently use iManage Records Manager with records management best practices in mind.

If you are considering a move from LegalKey to iManage Records Manager and have additional questions, feel free to schedule an appointment with Nitza Medina-Garcia, CRM.

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