Custom Software Training

Custom Software Training

A lot of questions have been coming in regarding InfoCompass training resources. And what great questions to address.

One service I provide is custom training on a software called iManage Records Manager (IRM).

If you aren’t familiar with this software, please read my blog about switching to using iManage Records here for an overview.

I don’t need to tell you that records management can be quite detailed and cumbersome in and of itself. When you add in learning a new software and integrating that into your system or using it to switch your system, you desire a smooth transition but are often met with a rocky road.

What I’ve been finding is that the law firms may have gone live with using the software, but there’s still a missing piece. Whether that be that they don’t understand how to quite use it properly or fully or the pieces aren’t exactly matching up to their expectations. Perhaps that means when they implemented the software with someone else, the amount of training they received from a records manager perspective in order to be successful was lacking.

Next thing you know, they are coming to InfoCompass to fill that missing piece so that they understand the basics and more detailed bits like how to:

  • create a file in the system
  • create a box in the system
  • best perform an action in the system the most efficiently

One of the main points that InfoCompass can help to bridge is the gap in understanding the best way to use the iManage Records Manager software from the Certified Records Manager perspective. 

As a records manager, I understand the importance of having a good system in place to help you rather than a system that gets in your way and hinders you and your business.

If you need help in any stage of the process, whether you’d like to move forward with IRM or need help bridging a gap that was left from switching without a full comprehension of the software, schedule a meeting with me today. I will help with your individualized needs.

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