IRM 10.0

What’s new with IRM 10.0

iManage Records Manager has seen some significant functionality improvements this year. The focus of the first round of updates was mainly on the end-user Web Client which came out last year.  

Version 10.0.8

  • Disabling insert requests
  • File Part Creation
  • File Part Name
  • Prevent Fire Part ID Override
  • Remove Priority Field form new Request Dialog

A system that provides a single interface for electronic and physical content is finally here. If an attorney is working on electronic content and needs to browse the paper files for that client matter, they can switch across easily. The interface where they request access to the physical data has the same look and feel as the electronic records area. 

Version 10.0.9

  • Multi-Item Select in Web Client
  • Quick Navigation in Web Client
  • Requires fields and auto-fill
  • Search results link to file plan
  • Bulk update privilege
  • Specifiable password policy
  • Password security enhancement

The new quick navigation capabilities make it a lot easier to move between files in the system, creating an optimal end-user experience. Today’s attorneys typically task an assistant with requesting paper records. With the updated system, the attorney can stay within a familiar system to request their files, making it a lot more efficient.

Version 10.0.10

  • Force password changes
  • Visibility of users denied by SPM
  • Disposition of metadata stubs

The Version 10.0.10 update included a few minor changes; the automation capabilities are the most noteworthy. The disposition of metadata stubs adds more customization to your records disposition and retention.

For example, two years after a matter closes, you can dispose of the content. Then fifteen years later, you can dispose of the record stubs. Having more flexibility in your retention schedules means you can automate more of your retention schedule and put your staff-hours towards something else.

Version 10.0.11

  • Performance Enhancements to full-text search and IRM Web Client
  • Ability to Localize IRM Web Client
  • IRM Indexer for RAVN

If you’re experiencing slow searches or reporting, updating to this version will fix that. We noticed that with some of the searches, even when limited to a specific matter, a full-text search may still crawl across the whole library. This was making it take longer than it was supposed to. They have that fixed as well as just some general efficiencies.

There’ve also been performance enhancements to the Web Client. It’s now a lot easier to display the file plan, request delivery and physical files, set up the label queue for printing barcode labels, and navigate through the checkout interface.

If your firm does not want your end-users to print barcode labels, it can now be hidden in the IRM Web Client. You can also localize your version of the web client, so if your Canadian office needs to view the program in French, that is possible.

The last major update in 10.0.11 is the raven index can now be used for searching. This has been coming along for a while now. iManage has said previously that they are moving away from the idol indexer and now they’re going to Raven, which is their new search platform. For those who have been waiting for it, you know, you can now get it with this 10.0.11.

Do you have questions about the latest features in IRM and how you can use them? Schedule a meeting with me. I can help you understand how to get the most out of your records management system and update yours if it needs it.

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