Record Keeping Definition

Record Keeping Definition – What is Records Management?

As a certified records manager, I often get asked, what is the definition of record keeping? The official glossary of records management by ARMA International states the record keeping definition. “The field of management responsible for establishing and implementing policies, systems, and procedures to capture, create, access, distribute, use, store, secure, retrieve, and ensure disposition of an organization’s records and information.”

In clear English, the definition of records keeping is the formal systems in place to govern your business information from the cradle to the grave regardless if it is paper or electronic. When good records management is in place, you should know what records you have, where they live, and how long you need to retain them.

Your company likely has a variety of records types including, correspondence with clients, contracts and agreements, organizational processes, administrative documents, legal documents, financial records, case files, and company policies. Do you have systems in place for all of these records?

Good records keeping helps companies run more efficiently. Your employees should view your records management system as something that helps them, not something that inconveniences them. With proper record keeping in place, data belonging to your clients and your company will be kept secure and easy to access.

Why is record keeping important? It allows you to keep the information you need to keep, get rid of the information you no longer need, find the information that you need to find, and keep people who are not supposed to see your information away.

Good records management is good business. If you have any questions about proper records keeping or its definition, please leave a comment or book a 10-minute call to speak directly with me.

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