Pre-Paid IRM Consulting

Our consulting services provide the experience, knowledge and best practices to help you improve your record management needs.

Business Information Strategy Session:
   Let us help you identify and prioritize your information challenges

Technology Evaluation and Deployment:
   We can help you figure out which software will meet your records and information management needs

Records Management Program Development:
   Let us help you document your records management policies and procedures to get everyone on the same page

Electronic Records Management:
   We can give you strategies to be better organized across all of your devices

File Plan/Taxonomy Creation:
   We can help you optimize your electronic or paper filing system

Retention Rules:
   Let us help you determine how long to keep your business information

Paper Records Management:
   We can help you tame your piles of paper

Central File Management:
   Need to create a central file or need to optimize your current one? We can help you!


  • Time is tracked in 15 minute increments
  • Special scheduling link for my online calendar
  • Anyone in the company can use

4-Hour Block

Price: $1,200

8-Hour Block

Price: $2,400