iManage Records Manger Version 10.1

IRM Version 10.1

iManage has been hinting at the release of version 10.1 for a while now. We expect to see it at the end of this year or the beginning of next. I got a sneak peek into what 10.1 is going to include and I’m sharing it with you here.

Version 10.1 focuses on dashboards for different roles and encouraging the use of electronic records. The secretary dashboard allows personnel who manage multiple matters at once see an overview of delivery requests on one screen. The records manager dashboards only show each manager records that apply to them. This increases your data security as well as your worker efficiency.

The records manager dashboards offer quite a bit of customization. Some records managers need to see metrics that relate to the records operation of the entire firm. This dashboard includes a view of the firm’s upcoming workload so managers can make sure they have enough resources on staff. It also shows open delivery requests and trending information across the firm. 

Other records managers are only in charge of one office’s records. These individuals will only see the files that apply to their office. In the records manager dashboard, you can customize what each records manager sees. So, the records manager in charge of the entire firm can see each office’s records while the regional records managers only see those that apply to their area.

Records managers can also generate reports on past due requests. They can define how many days past due requires them to take action and receive a summary of these overdue priorities as they occur. This prevents them from having to check individual matter files for late items.

Electronic Records

The second major feature in Version 10.1 is more advanced electronic records capabilities. If an attorney needs to see a paper record, they will now be encouraged to view the electronic rendition of the paper record whenever it is available. This means they can access the file immediately, and don’t have to involve more employees to complete the task.

The last function in version 10.1 is the chain of custody reports. Everything that users do within the IRM system is monitored. The update includes more advanced reporting than ever before. Our new chain of custody reports provide information about each record from creation to the grave. If a security question comes up years later, you can easily find out who had access to the file.

Is your firm running the latest version of IRM? If not, schedule an appointment with me. We can discuss a plan to update your system and make sure you get Version 10.1 as soon as it’s available.

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