Do you need help with understanding how to use iManage Records Manager's Retention Policy?

Are you frustrated because you don’t fully understand the basics of iManage Records Manager Retention Policy? 

Do you want to know the best practices of setting up retention in iManage Records Manager?

Attend our 1 hour live virtual training iManage Records Manager Retention Policy Basics!

What you will learn:

  • How to configure the retention schedule
  • How to configure the retention event
  • How to configure a hold
  • How to run a disposition eligibility report
  • How to assign a retention schedule to a file
  • How to update the record status on a file 

After attending this live virtual training you will understand the basics of how to run retention in iManage Records Manager.

LIVE CLASS BONUS: All students who purchase the live virtual training will also get the opportunity to sign up for a free 1 hour personal consulting session with Nitza Medina-Garcia, CRM to discuss your specific IRM retention questions.

Melvin D. Baskin, Director of Information Governance at Dewberry

“I recently attended the iManage Govern training in Chicago. Nitza was our trainer, and she did a superb job of preparing me for my upcoming IRM implementation. Her extensive knowledge about of the software and excellent presentation skills made for a rich training experience.”


Wednesday, May 13th, 1pm Eastern/10am Pacific