IRM Records Manager Health Checks

Our iManage Records Manager (IRM) Health Checks will audit and assess your current system.  We’ll provide recommendations on how to increase the quality of your IRM software to get the most out of your investment and diagnose the cause of your technical issues.

Why is it important to conduct an IRM Health Check?

  • User happiness – build user trust by resolving issues and ensuring IRM works as expected
  • Latency – avoid slow experiences for your users
  • Errors – resolve errors, crashes and other software behavior

Do any of these issues sound familiar?

  • Your users find many errors when using IRM
  • Your searches and report generation is very slow
  • New client and matter information is not appearing in IRM
  • New users are not appearing in IRM
  • New electronic workspaces or records are not appearing in IRM
  • Your users are not able to run retention eligibility reports
  • Your users are not able to find expected information

We can help you diagnose and resolve your IRM configuration issues. Use our team of experts to make sure your IRM system is running smooth.