iManage Govern Records Manager 10: Web Client News

I met with Ian Raine, Product Manager for iManage Govern, and asked him about what we can expect with their next major release of Records Manager ( also known as IRM). One of the first is that iManage will be skipping from Records Manager 6.5 past 7 right to version 10 (to be more in sync with the numbering of iManage Work that is currently on version 10). This will certainly simplify understanding which is the latest version of each product and shows iManage is working to more tightly integrate the two products (iManage Work is the document management software and iManage Govern Records Manager is the records management software).

One of the most anticipated new features is an updated IRM Web client. The current Web client has been available for several years, but had not been updated as regularly as the IRM desktop clients. It is my understanding it was used primarily to see what physical files existed, request delivery of files and create files using a default form only. In my experience, not many customers had deployed the Web client. I can see this changing really soon.

The IRM 10 Web client is easily accessible from iManage Work web. The Web client has a refreshed modern look that is very similar to Work 10 in icons and layout. This will help users navigate the file plan. Features iManage is targeting to include:

  • Browsing Clients, Matters and File Parts
  • Requesting physical File Part delivery
  • Checking in/out File Parts
  • Creating new File Parts from basic or template forms
  • Printing File Part labels
  • View Legal Holds and Matter Instructions
  • Print File Plan Summary Report

If you have not upgraded to iManage Work 10, you will still be able to use version 10 of the IRM Web client.

iManage is targeting the release of IRM 10 for end of 2017.

Nitza Medina-Garcia, Certified Records Manager, Records and Information Management Consultant

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