iManage Govern Records Courses

iManage Govern Records Courses

I will be teaching the iManage Govern Records Administration and Engineer classes the week of March 12th. These are public classes that iManage gives on the IRM product. The iManage records user adoption program helps both technical and non-technical audience learn the iManage technology. If your business uses iManage Records Manager (IRM) or is planning on implementing it in 2019, I highly suggest you have someone from your organization take the iManage Govern Records Administration Course.

iManage Govern Records Administration is a three-day virtual course that I will be teaching March 12-14. It covers everything that you or your employees should know when using the records management software.

You Will Learn:

The Basics of Records Manager. We will be going over Desktop Client for Records Manager, the main software that is used to access Records Manager. We will learn how to navigate the user interface, and see how clients and other records are displayed within it.

How to Manage Information using Library Manager. We will do a deep dive into Library Manager by learning how to manage information categories and deciding what media types (folders, boxes, or binders) you need to track and how to track them. We will also talk about how Records Manager integrates with iManage Work Document Management Systems which allows you to manage your electronic records. 

How to Manage your Records. We will go over how to manage your records in the software, how to create storage boxes, some of the different customization options that are available for you, and how to use a barcode scanner to manage folders and boxes.

Tips on Reporting. You will learn about the reporting that the program offers and how to use it in your business.

Web Browser. Your general users can use this web client, or if you are not using the web, you can use the Desktop Client. Whichever you choose, this function allows your general users to view and manage records without changing the interface settings.

The iManage Records Manager Engineer class includes everything discussed above, as well as more technical information that will be helpful for system engineers. Your system engineer will want to know about the nuts and bolts of iManage Records, and this course is designed to help them be successful in implementing the system. The Engineer course follows the final day of the administration course.

You Will Learn:

How to Install the Software. Learn how to put IRM together, add users, implement security, set privileges, create library settings, and set up an audit history.

How to Load and Track Data. I will cover using metadata, and installing the data loader which helps bring in information about new clients or new matters that come into your firm.

How to Streamline The System. We will also talk about using the application designer which allows you to create custom reports or make form changes.

How to Manage Technical Details. Learn about the technical aspects of Manage in Place, which allows you to manage records that are on a file share. I will also go over how to connect Manage in Place to your main system, troubleshooting, and best practices around planning and deploying.

The first three days of the course will be the IRM admin class. If also you want to get that technical side you will want to sign up for the four-day class because that will give you tools for the more technical aspects of records management. I highly suggest you sign up for one of these classes. They will help your business get the most out of the iManage Records Manager system and, since I will be teaching it, I will be able to answer your questions, and you can leverage my 11 years of experience deploying IRM software.

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