Client Challenge

A Fun Client Challenge

Last week I was helping a customer migrate her organization from Autonomy Records Manager, also known as FileSurf, to iManage Records Manager (IRM). We had finished designing her system and were ready to wrap up the project when one of her offices requested that we build in a way for them to use IRM to request delivery of their paper files. 

IRM has a feature where you can use the system to capture a delivery request and send it to the records staff to manage and fulfill. I explained to my client how I could configure this functionality into her system to automate the process for them. As we were going through the options, she decided they didn’t need it for the entire firm. It was just that one office, and they didn’t want to build out this system just for one office.

Instead of having the full-blown functionality, they just needed a way for one of their offices to request files by emailing a list to their records staff. This was a new challenge for me. I started by asking how the office was currently submitting these file requests. My client showed me how they submit the requests in ARM, and it made me realize I could easily allow them to do the same in IRM.

I showed my client how to go into IRM and create a file plan summary report that contains the files they need. Then I taught her how to use the feature within IRM that allows you to email a report as an attachment. We ran through this process in my client’s system, and she said it was doing precisely what they needed.

This is an excellent example of why I love problem-solving with my clients. There isn’t just one way to solve an issue. We work together and figure out the best way to use the software and tools to meet their needs. I got to learn a new way to do something in the IRM software she got a system that worked for her business and goals.

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