3 Steps to Creating Your Business Information Strategy


Has your business grown and so have your records and information piles? Do you need help figuring out the best way to control and organize your information? Where should you start?  Use my three step process to get started down the path to organization.

  1. Make a List: Write a list of all of the records and information related challenges your business is experiencing today. Here are some challenges to get you started:
  • Paper files and storage boxes piled around the office
  • Missing files
  • Electronic documents hard to find
  • Electronic documents changed or deleted mysteriously
  • Paper and electronic storage costs are increasing at unexpected levels
  • Unsure which document is the official copy
  1. Decide the Time Frame: Review the list and assign a 1 year, 3 year or 5 year goal for dealing with the challenge.
  2. Prioritize: Review just the issues assigned 1 year, and pick the top issue. Write down 3-4 the reasons why this issue is such a high priority. If this issue is not completed/addressed in a year, what would be the result? Imagine that this item was completed, what would it do for your business? What would it do for you?

A typical stumbling block for businesses is doing all of the work to create a plan, but not following through to take action. Once you have your plan, it is critical that you take action. What can you do today that can bring you closer to resolving this high priority issue? Schedule it in your calendar as an action meeting! Then, do it!

Do you need help figuring out your next steps? Schedule a no cost introductory appointment today! Let us help you create a plan to meet your business’s needs.

Nitza Medina-Garcia, Certified Records Manager, Records and Information Management Consultant

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